The 5th July 2018 marked the 70th Anniversary of the NHS. Having been touched by the NHS many times ourselves over the years, with help putting my father in law back together after an horrific RTA, to caring for my own dad when he became terminally ill and to happier times when our 3 beautiful children were safely delivered into the world.

We couldn’t watch the 70th Anniversary pass without doing something to show our appreciation to the unsung heroes that save other peoples lives on a daily basis. We also thought that we show a way for others to show their appreciation too, so with that in  mind we launched our #NHS70 initiative via our social media channels.

The plan was to bring together 70 local businesses to all pledge to purchase a bespoke hamper each which would then be donated to our local hospital, Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

We were overwhelmed with the response on social media, and our target of 70 businesses from one man bands to multi million pound international businesses was hit within 2 weeks. We have received some heart warming messages from people and even some great tweets of praise for our initiative from the likes of Ex Dragon Den star Theo Paphitis and Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage.

We have also had many requests from around the country to do the same thing for other hospital’s from people who’s lives have been touched by the NHS too.

Once we have delivered the 70 hampers to Broomfield Hospital on the 6th August where they are to be distributed amongst the staff on the wards and offices we will compile a list of other hospitals to try and replicate the same experience. It would be an amazing feat if we could actually do this to a total of 70 hospitals given its the 70th anniversary year. For this to happen we will need your help! If you know of any business groups in your area or indeed if you are a business owner that would like to get the ball rolling in your area please contact us at and we will do our best to make it happen.

It would be a great story to follow over the next few months as we complete hospital by hospital rather than waking up to an ours worth of Brexit talk every day!

Who knows, we may even be able to lift the morale of the country!