We’re lucky to be in the 0.68% of businesses that have applied and been chosen by Ex Dragon’s Den star and retail magnet Theo Paphitis’s #SBS twitter campaign.

The concept for #SBS was conceived back in 2010 one Sunday afternoon by Theo, who was sat at home planning his week ahead. He thought that it would be great to be able to support small businesses in the UK by giving them an opportunity to tweet him about their businesses on a Sunday night with him choosing his 6 favourites to be retweeted to Theo’s 500k strong following. On top of that Theo has created a #SBS Facebook community and once a year holds a #SBS winners event in Birmingham where small business owners from all over the UK are able to attend for free. Since #SBS started there have been some 329,000 applications, 61,000 #SBSwinnershour mentions between events and overall 2256 #SBS Winners.  

This was our 2nd SBS winners event and it was great to catch up with some of the other winners that had supported the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital #ManyHands campaign by sponsoring a space on our hampervan.



The team at Kuvrs


It was great to catch up with Jodine Boothy, founder of the Gummee Glove, we heard Jodine’s inspirational story at the last #SBS event in 2017, since then the Gummee Glove range has grown and Jodine has written her first book!

Jodine also sponsored a space on the hampervan


During the day we heard from the event sponsors along with a speech on branding from branding guru Steve Cheliotis

and a great ‘fireside chat’ between Theo and John Roberts, founder of ao.com, who candidly spoke of his journey from a £1 bet with a friend to become a £1.2 billion company 14 years later! 


During all the amazing content, workshops and networking that there was to be embraced throughout the day, we still found time for Ryman CEO Kypros Kyprianou and Theo to embrace their inner Superhero, very catching guys!

With Super-Kyp!

Theo embracing his inner Superhero!



If you’re one of the UK’s 5 million plus small businesses why not give your business the chance of a boost by entering Theo’s weekly #SBS twitter competition help every Sunday night between 1700 – 1930, who knows we may be seeing you at the next #SBSwinners event!