Kelly Bronze Turkey’s and Essex Wildlife Trust Tour and Networking Event

We were very fortunate to be amongst a small group of businesses invited to a tour of the Kelly Bronze Turkey Farm which had been organised by The Essex Wildlife Trust.

Thirty business owners met at Kelly Bronze HQ where we were given an expert presentation by Paul Kelly. We had a fantastic glimpse into the world of Turkey Farming and you could see from the get go how passionate Paul and his team are about their industry. Did you know that a supermarket turkey is just 11 weeks old? compared to a Kelly Bronze turkey that is double that at 22 weeks old. By doubling the age Kelly Bronze turkeys are able to produce a layer of fat and muscle which vastly improves the taste and quality of the bird.

Kelly Bronze work tirelessly to produce the most amazing birds you could ever find, whilst making sure that they are bred in the most natural way.

We were lucky to be able to have a tour of the hatchery and the fields on which some of the birds live, then it was back to Paul’s for Turkey rolls.

Thank you to Paul and his family for their hospitality.