I started Secret Hamper to make a true difference in our crazy, chaotic world.
Our hampers aren’t just full of amazing things – but they’re a box of love, care and thoughtfulness. And for someone facing the toughest of times, that little box can make the world of difference.
Now is YOUR chance to help us do more.
You might have heard of Richard Branson’s Business Voom.
It’s our chance to pitch to the man himself. It would be game-changing for Secret Hamper – a real chance to help us do more, to make more people’s day that little bit brighter.
But we need your help.

Please vote for us here: https://voom.virginmediabusiness.co.uk/pitches/become-a-superhero-with-a-random-act-of-kindness
It takes under a minute to vote via Facebook or LinkedIn. But that minute of your time would mean SO much to us, and the people & charities we’re so lucky to work with.
Be a Superhero, and help us reach out to more people, with more acts of kindness.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!